From the recording Show Us Your Heart Album Cut

Guitar and Vocals: Keith Torgan
Flute: Barbara Siesel
Piano: Gary Grundei
Bass: Daniel Uri
Producer: Gary Grundei
Engineer: Sam Stauff at Port City Recording


So you think that you're old and over
That the best of your years are gone
You're exhausted and wrinkled
your body is sprinkled with liver spots -- and muscle knots
You're sure there are no more surprised
Not one melody you haven't heard
But then all of a sudden
A new song is flooding your world!

Show us your heart
Sing us your song
Dance us your dance
Take us along
We're in it too
We're in it with you
Show us your heart.

So you think that it's too late to make a change
And you're certain there's no way to thrive
You're feeling too old to grab onto the ring
But damn it you're still alive
Dive in with all of your passion
Turn your lemons to smoothies and cake
You might be a bit rusty
Come on kiddo trust me
Get out there and stake your stake!

Show us your heart ...