Echoes of Otsego

A Cabaret of Community Portraits

This project is funded by Earlville Opera House's Arts in the Community Grants Program, made possible by the NYS Senate with support of the Office of the Governor, and administered by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Echoes of Otsego: A Cabaret of Community Portraits/10 Portraits in Song, Story, & Digital Oil

Ten community members, comprising five natives of Otsego County and five from elsewhere, will collaborate with me as co-creators. They will participate in 'Song Portraits' and be depicted in 'Oilish' portraits. Their narratives, melodies, and faces will form the essence of a mobile cabaret installation, exploring our interconnected identities within our community and country. Additionally, I will compile an art book featuring the ten Oilish portraits, accompanied by lyrics and a CD and/or QR code for accessing the Song Portraits.

The Song Portraits below are examples from other projects.


What is a *Song Portrait?

A Song Portrait is a ‘portrait’ made of words and melody. A Song Portrait can embody a moment or a lifetime. 

What is a ‘Song Sitting’?

The 'Song Sitting' is a unique process I've developed, allowing me to delve deeply into and engage with the subject, fostering connection and inquiry. Who truly is this individual? What hues define their personality? What pivotal forces have shaped their journey? Whom and what do they hold dear? Which moments of joy, sorrow, triumph, and setback have sculpted their path to this juncture? What fuels their sense of purpose? 

What is *‘Oilish’?

Oilish is the term I’ve coined for my oil-like digital paintings. Using varied digital applications, I utilize not only color and texture but light to create my portraits. These pieces will be turned into giclee prints and displayed either on easel or as projections. In place of pencil, charcoal, palette knife or brush moving color pigment across cloth, canvas, wood, or paper, I use finger or stylus to move color and texture across tablet.